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Welcome! Here you can help us translate our mobile apps including Cheats for GTA and GeoChallenge.

GTA Cheats has 9 pages of translations, so feel free to do as little or as many as you want. But be aware that we can't add translations to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps until the language is 100% completed.

GeoChallenge Flags Quiz

Project Words
#4647 GeoChallenge App Store Description
302 Last update: 1 year ago
#4648 GeoChallenge iOS App
427 Last update: 2 years ago

Cheats for GTA

Project Words
#8536 Cheats for GTA - App Store Description
345 Last update: 1 year ago
#8778 Cheats for GTA app
2,647 Last update: 9 months ago

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